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Personal Injuries

Personal Injury lawsuits arise when a person is injured as a result of the negligence of another person or entity. The injuries can vary from soft tissue injuries like bruises and muscle aches and pains all the way to broken bones, closed head injuries, paraplegia and even death. Steven T. Budaj, P.C. concentrates on personal injury cases involving serious injuries. Even though a person may have a cause of action because the negligence of the other person is clear, if the injuries are not serious, it may not be worth pursuing the matter. Most personal injury lawsuits require a substantial amount of time and money to go from the beginning investigation through trial. As a result, we handle only those cases that involve serious injuries or death.

      Family Court
Family Court encompasses several different types of cases: Divorce Actions, with or without children, Child Custody Cases, Child Support Actions including Enforcement of Child Support Orders, Visitation and Parenting Time Actions and Enforcement of Visitation and Parenting Time Orders, and Paternity Actions. We handle all aspects of Family Law cases and vigorously pursue the rights of our clients in these cases.

Other Types of Cases:

We also handle many other types of legal matters. If you have any question regarding any area of the law, please contact us with your questions.

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