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Family Law Services

Domestic Relations cases and Family Court describe litigation involving Divorce, Property Division, Child Support, Spousal Support, Visitation, Parenting Time, Paternity Cases and Grandparent Visitation.

Why You Need An Attorney To Represent You

Most people need a good attorney to be part of the divorce process. The issues discussed here may seem simple enough, but there are many pitfalls for the unwary. Retaining a good attorney is your best opportunity to ensure that the system works for you.

As with any other profession, a good attorney is an experienced attorney. The basics of divorce law are taught in law school, but the application of the basic legal principles in a particular case, however, is best accomplished by an attorney who has done it before. Negotiation skills, most important to a good resolution of a divorce case, are acquired only through actual experience. Since most people do not have the experience to handle these issues, a good attorney is essential.

A good attorney works for you. In many cases, the parties have agreed on all important issues. If so, a good attorney will discuss with the client the fairness of that basic agreement, and draft a Divorce Judgment that accomplishes the goals of the parties. If there are disputes, a good attorney can help resolve them fairly through legal knowledge and negotiating skills. If the disputes cannot be resolved, a good attorney must have the trial skills necessary to assist in getting the best result.

Steven T. Budaj has over 27 years experience handling divorces in the Tri-County Metropolitan Detroit area in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties. Attorney Steven T. Budaj is well respected in the legal community and well known to the Friend of the Court Referees and Investigators as well as the Family Court Judges who will decide your case.

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